Saturday, October 17, 2015

On Your 1st Birthday - Things To Remember Forever

Dear Bear,

First of all, I have tried to write this 3 times now and ended up bawling every time, like a huge mama mess -- crying of happiness because I love being your mama so much and just disbelief that your first year is over. I will try to write this once more...

Wow. We really made it. I thought it would be nice to write you a letter each year on your birthday just so you know how much you mean to me and your Dad. It's really hard to put into words, but I can try. I also just want to make sure I always remember some of the best things about your year.
I remember in February of 2014 when I sat in a doctors office for a routine checkup and found out I was pregnant. My life changed forever in that moment. And it was the best change of my life. What a ride this first year has been. From your birth at 6:40pm at NY Presbyterian Hospital (thank you dearest epidural) to walking up York Avenue in NYC home from the hospital (why did we walk home again?) to those 3 precious months I spent at home with you before returning to work. Nothing could have prepared me for this amazing journey and I feel like I have just started to find my groove in the last month or so. Being a mother is hard - very hard - but it's also the most incredible, heart-always-bursting feeling ever. I am so grateful for every day I get to be your mom.
The day he was born. I had no idea what was in store...
On your very 1st birthday, these are some things I want you to remember about your first year:
  1. You are the sweetest, most snuggly little boy ever. I never knew a human could snuggle as closely as you do. There is nothing like it. You love nothing more than curling up to mama (and daddy).
  2. You have the biggest, chunkiest thigh rolls ever. They are awesome. But your tummy is pretty slim!
  3. You still have not a single tooth at one year. But you manage to chew anything and everything when it comes to food. 
  4. You officially hate your crib. You love mama and daddy's bed and we're ok with that. Just don't fall off again - that was bad.
  5. You have traveled a lot in your first year. You flew from NYC to Tahoe at 2 months, then US Virgin Islands at 3 months and then 18 days cross the USA at 6 months. Your baby passport photo is the best!
  6. You love anything and everything that has to do with the water. I think you will be a surfer. Or something.
  7. You have equal amounts mama and daddy at this point. You can be really chill and quiet (like daddy) and then get totally wild and crazy like mommy was as a baby. Your hair is the same - straight up front and curly in the back. We love your mix of super sweet and silly.
  8. You eat really, really fast. Always. And you don't stop eating ever. You would probably eat food forever if you could.
  9. You're still nursing at 1 year and I am so happy I made it this far. There are so many times I am exhausted, but I look down and know this won't last much longer.
  10. You love climbing stairs. And climbing anything really.
  11. Your laugh is hilarious.
  12. You love riding in the car. You also like to fall asleep in the car which is a good and bad thing. Sometimes I need you to stay awake!
  13. Daddy spent all summer of your first year playing with you while mama worked. We called it "summer of Josh." But then he had to go to work...and that was a very good thing. But that summer was really fun and we had so many good times (and a few stressful ones...).
  14. You cannot eat anything made from cows milk. This is not fun for mama who had to cut out all cheese, milk and butter for the last year. But I am grateful for it. But you really should start eating it soon...please...
  15. You had some pretty serious separation anxiety for awhile there. You wouldn't even let mama walk 3 steps away. It's still hard sometimes for you but you've come a long way and we think it's just a phase. But for awhile there, you just wanted mama. All day. 
  16. Your 1st birthday was spent with just close family and a couple of our new friends here at our home. We ended up having a "bear" theme (sorry), but it was very cute. You had a cake that mom worked very hard to try to make dairy-free. You loved it. A lot. 
  17. You moved from Manhattan to Lake Tahoe at 6 months old. This was a huge transition but we did it and you love it here. I think it's the perfect place for you. You love hiking and going to the lake. You also love hanging with Grandma and Grandad and your cousins and Aunt/Uncle.
  18. You just don't want to sleep through the night yet. Mama and Daddy are VERY tired. I don't think we've slept more than 4 hour stretches in months and months. It's not easy, but we adjusted and we will get the hang of it soon.
  19. You are a great napper. You always take your 2 naps a day. We don't every want you to go to 1 nap a day. Mama likes when you do 2 naps a day so she can take a shower.
  20. Your mom and dad are so obsessed with you that people think we are crazy 1st time parents. Daddy especially gets nervous about a lot of things. It's all new to us. Thanks for dealing with our craziness! 
It sounds cliche when you see other moms write this, but I truly love you more than anything in the world. I cannot wait for all the years ahead. We have so much fun in store and you're just the most awesome guy ever.

To the moon and back times a billion,
Mama and Daddy


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