Friday, July 31, 2015

TOP 10 Things I Like About Living In Tahoe

I've been struggling with where to take this blog for quite some time (obviously). "Manhattan Emily" doesn't quite work for our new life living in Lake Tahoe. Just doesn't know. I've also been struggling with what exactly I want this little blog to be. I try think back to why I started it. My goal, when I started this project over 2 years ago was simple - to write every day and see where it took me. I am ultimately a big computer nerd (some people used to call me "Data Jones," I'm not kidding...) and I love writing and blogging, so I wanted to make a point to do what makes me happy every day. And I did that for a long time and I learned SO much about blogging and how much work it takes to keep up. It's VERY time consuming. But I still seem to come back to this blog after time away and want to keep it up.

I read this post recently from one of my favorite bloggers about how important it is for your blog to have a focus. Blogging about my baby, family, running, traveling, social media, food, Lake's just all over the place. So, I want to focus this little space a little bit more and that's what I'm going to try to work on for ya.

So, back to how I started with TOP 10 lists. I love lists and the ideas for them are endless. So, here we go....

  1. Everyone (well most everyone) has some piece of outdoor equipment on their car. Whether a paddleboard, bike, kayak, canoe, skis...everyone is carting around some kind of awesome outdoor equipment. It constantly makes me want to get out and do something. I love that vibe. 
  2. The weather. This weather is CRAZY y'all. I really try to hold back from telling anyone on the East Coast what it's been like, but's kind of nice here. Cool in the mornings - like 40-50 degrees EVERY morning. And then 65-85 every day. Usually in the 70s. And no humidity. California sunshine and blue skies will seriously help increase my happiness. When I hear about the humidity on the east coast, I remember why I always wanted to live out west.
  3. Everything you need but still the small-town vibe. What a lot of people don't realize is that while we're in a small lakeside town, we are very close to two bigger cities- Reno is exactly 30 mins away and Carson City, NV, is about 20 minutes. There you will find the necessities -- Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joes, TJ Maxx, Chipotle...all you need. As long as I can be within proximity to Targay, then all is good. Then it's back over the mountain to our little small town life. And 2 minutes away from us is a massive grocery store/shopping, so that's good to have too.
  4. The small-town vibe. I always had a fascination with small towns. I actually always wanted to live on a Main Street. While this really isn't the smallest of small towns, the area we live in (in North Lake Tahoe) is quite small. I have already run into the same people several times. The post office lady knows me. The grocery store workers - we're on a first-name basis and the 4th of July parade down the main road was about the cutest thing ever. I like it. It's quite a major adjustment but I am getting used to it. 
  5. The lake. The clear water. The insane views on every road. The endless scenery. That's a given. This place is just surreal (scenery-wise) -- every day. I keep praying that forest fires don't ruin any of this. Or earthquakes. Because it's real pretty. 
  6. Cost of living. It's cheaper than NYC. A lot. Our place here is WAY, and I mean WAY cheaper than our little 1 bedroom in NYC. And we have a laundry room in our place - that's enough reason alone, right!? But we do have car payments and car insurance now. Altogether, it's cheaper than our previous life...and that's a good thing.
  7. It's not NYC. When we talked about leaving NYC, we always said we would have to choose somewhere that was VERY different and equally as awesome. From NYC, we couldn't move to Random-town, USA. It had to be somewhere exciting. So it's been fun to discover a whole new, very different lifestyle. It's been such a lesson to me that there is so much in this world to see. I don't know how or why I lasted 12 years in NYC when there is so much out there to experience. NYC and its golden handcuffs...I swear! Although Disclaimer: I LOVE NYC to the moon and beyond and I will always miss some things about the city - mostly my close friends and Shack Shack (and the pizza). I will miss a lot, but it was time for something different. 
    Bear likes it here too.
  8. The amount of things you can possibly do within 20 miles. Or within 5 miles. We have been running on trails for 2 months now and seem to come across a new trail every day that tops the one before. The trail options are endless. Every day after work it's a debate if we're going to - go to the beach, go hiking, go running, trail running, etc. The outdoor options are impressive to say the least. And it's really a much healthier lifestyle having all that at your disposal. 
    Emily paddleboard
    My first paddleboarding (SUP) experience. Blissful. And Josh on Eagle Rock.
  9. My family is here or...I am now near my family. I live in the same town as my family. It's a very new thing to me, but it's awesome. For so many years I didn't live near one family member, so this is really nice. And it's so nice for Bear. 
  10. Lots of tourism = good restaurants nearby. There are actually a ton of really good restaurants around the lake. The population in Tahoe triples (or quadruples possibly) in the summer and there are so many restaurants for all these people. We're discovering so many new ones every week. Truckee, one of my favorite small towns nearby, has a row of GREAT almost-NYC type restaurants. There are some good burger spots, TONS of Mexican joints, sushi and lots of fun places on the water. If there weren't a lot of "food options" here, I might not live here. Just sayin...
And skiing...

sunset on july 4th - waiting for the fireworks on the lake
and a family photo! by my sister, elizabeth bogh