Wednesday, June 24, 2015

tahoe: our new little life

Barely a filter Tahoe-ness!
It's taken me weeks to finally sit down and put some thoughts on to paper about our massive transition from NYC to Tahoe. I still have moments every day when I can't believe we actually picked up and moved our entire life from Manhattan to this outdoorsy lake community in Nevada (and a mile from the California border). I think back to the last few months and it's all really a blur. It was a much bigger move than I really thought. I'm proud of us for taking such a huge leap of faith and following our dreams. It's really nice (and also scary) to start a fresh, new life. It's a very new concept to me, but I can say I am officially happy here.

I mean, it sounds pretty cool - to escape the big city and start a simpler life somewhere very different. It sounds awesome. But it's a major transition y'all. One that I'm still (and probably will be for a few months) adjusting to. I am really excited to be here in Tahoe but it's just different - and I knew it would be. If I had a dollar for every person here that said to me " that's a big move," I'd be Richard Branson by now or something. We've been here just over a month now and we've seen so much in that time. Lake Tahoe has an incredible lifestyle to offer - especially for the little guy. Not only is it an outdoor enthusiasts heaven, but there are so many great restaurants and fun things to do within minutes (and Reno and Carson City are 30 minutes away, so if I need my Target fix...). And the super trendy mountain town of Truckee is nearby with a lot of great "nyc-quality" restaurants.

This life is all so new to us though. We didn't have a car for 11 years in NYC, so just driving around is weird. Josh says he misses walking everywhere. I do not. We still get lots of hiking and running in here, but just the daily walking to/from places in NYC is a bit of a change. As of now though, I am loving this "drive to the grocery store, drive to the bank, drive to the post office" ordeal. I missed that normalcy a lot (but ask me again in 6 months).
The first week or so here was actually not easy (although it might not look that way from the photos). Thank God my parents are here and let us stay there until we got settled -- I will always be so grateful for that -- but the first week consisted of rain nearly every day (and cold) which apparently NEVER happens in Lake Tahoe. (Although rain makes people very happy here, because they need it so bad. So, I guess it was a good thing, but tough for us because we couldn't really get outside and experience what we moved here for.) I also started working from home the date after we arrived and as wonderful as that has been, it's been an adjustment figuring it all out. And searching for a place to live. All with a busy, little 7 month old.
our first week here was cloudy, cold and rainy
our anniversary down on whale beach (byob!)
Then about a week later, that California sun started to shine and we started to see why we came here. We started running on trails, going to the beaches, hiking and to restaurants (where we could sit outside) and exploring this whole area. There is so much to see. My favorite thing is that everyone here has SOMETHING on top of their car - bikes, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, ski racks galore....something. I love that. And every day, you see so many people biking up the mountain roads and paddle-boarding in the lake after work. It's pretty cool and sure beats the 7pm NYC Bar Happy Hour. I'm shocked at how beautiful summer is here. I thought of Tahoe as a ski destination, but the summer is awesome and I might like it even better than the winters here. And the people are incredibly nice – almost too nice. It's such a welcome change (and a bit weird). 

After a week or so, we found ourselves a lovely 3-bedroom rental condo (please note: I've never lived in anything more than a 1BDR!) in walking distance to the lake (with a laundry room!) and close to restaurants/shops, etc. My favorite burrito place and sandwich shop are both about 2 minutes away and there are about 5 Mexican restaurants within a few miles. Enough said! With this condo, we got these little photo cards to two private beaches here that feel like heaven. One with a big pool right on the lake, both with bars/food, chairs, etc. It's a nice perk...for almost half of what we paid for a 1 BDR in NYC (i.e., you should come visit us)!

Grilling on the beach on Josh's bday weekend
I really like it here and hope we can make our lives work in this little town. There are so many kids and families here, so I think it's the right place for us right now. Some people have asked me if I miss NYC and I can say honestly that I haven't had much time to think about it yet. It's such a welcome change that I don't miss really anything yet (except our friends of course). Maybe ordering in on the Seamless app (and Shake Shack), but that's probably it. Ask me again in the Fall or at Christmas, but those seasons here in Tahoe are pretty amazing too. I like change, but it's just that - a big change. 

Almost every day when I'm off work, we go down to the beach/lake, just minutes away (.8 miles actually), and I look around at people paddle-boarding, kids running around, people drinking beer at the beach bar, grilling out, etc., and I see Bear playing in the sand and it just makes me really happy. It's going to be a good life for Bear and for us, I'm pretty sure. It's definitely a transition time for our little family, but I think we will be just fine. I'll let ya know!
Beautiful Chamber's Landing bar...
Hiking with Dad on Father's Day (this man hikes every day, y'all!)
My mom strolling Bear to our neighborhood playground with a pretty great view...
I definitely feel like some kind of suburban mom now, going to the pool and grocery store every day...and i kind of love it.
Bear is already getting into the Tahoe outdoors scene!
this photo makes me really happy for some reason...i think because it's everything new york city was not. i will always love nyc, but i like this better these days...


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