Saturday, May 23, 2015

U S A in 18 Days (some photos from the road)

One of the few family "selfies" we got from the road.
This from our tent in Moab.
We left NYC on April 30th and I'll never forget driving down into the Lincoln Tunnel and turning to look back knowing that was might last view of NYC for a very long time. A crazy feeling for sure. We headed south for what became one of the best trips of my life. 18 days. 17 states - with a 6.5 month old baby in the back seat. We got to visit family all across the country and stopped in so many new states and places. And the scenery along the way was just mind-blowing.
Death Valley, CA

America is amazing y'all. I'm still sorting through about 1000 photos to prove it. It seemed like every day of our trip we would see some amazing sites, to only be topped the very next day by something even more incredible. From Virginia to Ohio to Memphis to Oklahoma to Route 66 to Santa Fe to Mesa Verde to Moab (probably my fave) to Monument Valley (UT), the Grand Canyon (indescribable) and up through Death Valley (major WOW) to Tahoe. I could maybe write a book on our crazy adventure, but instead, I just wanted to post a few of my favorite photos. More posts to come on traveling on long trips with a baby and must-see spots across this great country and maybe even "Things NOT to do when traveling with a baby across the USA for 3 weeks!"

Traveling cross-country was so refreshing. It was a true reminder that we really are so small. There is SO much to see. The options are endless and life is short. If I had known how incredible the sites would be, I would have just traveled in the US the last few years. I am so proud of us for making this long journey and luckily we're still married at the end of it.

Some photos (not in order...):
"Glamping" in Moab, Utah in the middle of the amazing Arches National Park (through Moab Under Canvas)
The incredibly massive Mt Whitney in Lone Pine, California
Arches National Park - incredible.

Bear in front of Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park
Whatever this was - it was amazing. Colorado.
Somewhere in New Mexico off Route 66 
Cadillac Ranch - a roadside attraction in Texas (near Amarillo)
Josh had to stop for lunch at this crazy place, The Big Texan, famous for their MASSIVE steaks
Checkin' out Beale Street in Memphis
Kentucky! Had to take a quick detour to the Jim Beam Distillery... the Cincinnati Zoo
Charlottesville, VA
Great Falls, Maryland
In Virginia at a tulip farm!
Santa Fe = my dream food city
Bear at Mesa Verde National Park in CO
Bear tries Skyline Chili in Cincinnati for the first time!
Bear tries to get in Tootsie's in Nashville...didn't happen.
Arriving in Lake Tahoe!

Friday, May 1, 2015


And so the crazy Ryan Family USA Moving Adventure begins. 18 days. 17 states. Lots of diapers and amazing sites to be seen. 

The NYC door officially closed yesterday as we went down into the Lincoln Tunnel - literally no turning back. That was the end of our 11 year run there - the end of a childhood dream and the beginning of a new one. It was quite a surreal feeling. So surreal that I never shed a tear yesterday about leaving. It definitely won't hit me for awhile. Probably not until were in the middle of Amarillo, TX, and I realize what we are embarking on. 

We are excited and nervous, but mostly excited to make this trip across country. Visiting family for the first bit and then hitting the ole Rte 66 until we reach California. Hopefully it's the road trip I've always dreamed of. I'll let you know...

(The last NYC photo...)