Sunday, July 13, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Know About The Exumas

I am tempted to just post a bunch of photos of our trip to The Exumas and call it a day. The images really speak for themselves. Although I do have to say that I was shocked at how many people have no clue where The Exumas are (or even what they are). I would say most people we talked to about our upcoming vacation would say "where is that?". Honestly, I kind of love that. Our little vacation secret. When really, the Exumas are just a 25 minute flight (on Bahamas Air or Sky Bahamas Air) from Nassau, Bahamas. And probably an hour or so flight from Miami. So easy to get to, yet so remote, rustic and quiet. From NYC to The Exumas, it took a total of 5 hours of travel time (and we had layovers...).

Whether you go to swim with the pigs, go fishing/diving/snorkeling/kayaking or just veg out for a week (ex: me - above), the Exumas are definitely an exotic yet calm place. I would recommend for anyone who truly needs to get away from it all and have some peace and quiet. There is no "entertainment" or shopping on the island (although there is a Sandals resort on Great Exuma) if you need that, this is not your spot. There are quite a few celeb homes – Johnny Depp, Faith Hill/Tim McGraw, the Hennessey man and David Copperfield's private cay are all nearby. I can basically count all the restaurants on one hand. The grocery store closes at 10AM some days and you won't see a person sometimes for miles as you drive down the island. If you don't have gas in your car Saturday night, then you're basically out of luck until Monday. It's magical and my kind of vacation. 
The Bahamas Outer Islands

The Exumas Island are all about the water. And let me just say, I have NEVER seen water this color in my life. The most perfect – and i mean perfect – turquoise ever. Not even in Belize, Eleuthera, the Virgin Islands, Mexico or DR had we seen water this blue/green. Photos really don't even begin to capture it. 

We had learned about the Exumas awhile back when we honeymoon-ed on the equally-awesome island of Eleuthera (which most people also don't know of). We had always wanted to visit all of the Outer Islands of the Bahamas, because they are truly spectacular (and easy to get to). When Josh's cousin, Amber, and husband (Josh's good childhood bud, Dan) said they would go in on renting a house for the week, we were booked! Nothing excites Josh or I more than knowing we get to travel somewhere new. It's what gets us through each long NYC day...just knowing that an amazing trip is in the near future. For us, traveling to cool places is everything.

So, here are my 10 favorite photos from our trip (many of these taken by my cousin-in-law, Dan, who has the best underwater camera ever):

One of my favorite photos from the trip. This almost captures the color of the water perfectly. Josh and Dan kayaking is another story. Lesson: Make sure your kayak has a plug (Josh) before getting in. Good thing the kayak washed up on the shore the next day...
Josh swims with the wild pigs off Big Major Cay (or Pig Island). To do this, you must take a boat (therefore splurging on a tour of some sort). The cheapest we found was through Exuma Water Sports with Capt. Ray.
Josh found this in the water (because the water was that clear). It's about 1 inch in diameter ands this photo somehow came out amazing - thank you iPhone. One of my favorite photos.
We stayed on "Tropic of Cancer Beach" in Little Exuma, which is literally on the Tropic of Cancer line
Dan's underwater camera captured this on Stocking Island. These friendly sting ray would come right up to you and brush against your feet. I did not really enjoy this, but this photo is amazing.
Any photo of the water on Tropic of Cancer beach is my favorite. Josh and Amber on the best $1 floats ever.
Fresh conch chowder being made for Josh at Chat N Chill on Stocking Island (and by fresh I mean...he went to the ocean to get a conch shell before he made this). Take a day (or half day) ferry trip over to this fun little island right across from Great Exuma. "First you chat - and then you chill, child!"
Looking down from the big salt monument on Little Exuma. Not so ugly.
Santana's Bar & Restaurant on Little Exuma. 4 items on the menu and 3 ladies who know how to run this joint. Also where Johnny Depp and much of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" crew ate during the filming of all three movies. 
Tropic of Cancer Beach, Little Exuma. Perfection.

And a few more just because... (photos from an Olympus TG-2 Tough Camera)


  1. This looks like an amazing trip. Me and my wife and a few friends are actually staying at the little orange house this summer for the first time. We plan on doing an excursion too to check out the pigs! I hope we catch great photos like you did!

  2. Hi Rick!! SO exciting you'll be in the Exumas soon. It's truly a magical place. So peaceful and calm. If you want to relax, this is the place to go. I loved it. To me it felt like I was in Tahiti, but only 20 mins from Nassau. Amazing. You must see the pigs. It's pricey to do, but worth it!! Have an awesome trip. The orange house is so great. No complaints!!


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