Saturday, August 10, 2013

Top 10 Things I Like To Do In NYC By Myself

Today was one of those days when I just needed to get out for a few hours by myself. (As Josh and I tried to reassemble this crazy West Elm coffee table, we almost bit each others heads off. West Elm - You are NOT IKEA...come on!) Anyway, you get so cooped up in these NYC apts, that sometimes you need to get out and have a few hours on your own. And I actually love doing things on my own sometimes. I like the quiet. Getting out on your own is very effective.
  1. Go to The Met. Or any museum. Set your sight on seeing just one exhibit and then leave. I have gone to the Met countless times by myself and I love being able to explore the museum on my own schedule. (And it's close to our apartment, so it's a great getaway sometimes!)
  2. Sit and eat at the bar of one of the best NYC restaurants. Many of the most famed restaurants in this city serve dinner at the bar too. Have the best meal of your life while dining alone at the bar. Per Se, Minetta Tavern, Le Bernadin, Del Posto, Scarpetta, Locanda Verde and any Danny Meyer restaurant all serve at the bar. I personally want to go to Bemelmans Bar sometime and have a cocktail at that bar.
  3. Go to a movie at the lovely Paris Theatre
  4. Find the cutest cafe that you've always wanted to go to, sit down and have a coffee (and maybe dessert). This is where I go sometimes. 
  5. Go to your local (cheap) nail salon and get a 10-minute massage and a manicure for less than 20 bucks. 
  6. Walk into Central Park (in the daytime of course), find a bench and just sit. Or in the summer, take a towel and "lay out" for a few.
  7. Take a stroll on The High Line
  8. Go to your corner "beer bar;" have one beer and a giant pretzel. I did this today by myself and it was great. 
  9. Go get Pinkberry, get some gelato or a shake from Shake Shack. You can't feel so guilty when you're by yourself. Splurge a little. 
  10. Set out to just explore the awesome streets of The City. Get lost on one of those
    amazing little side streets full of brownstones like this. (You can't really because it's a grid, but you should try!) Start by walking in a direction you never go. 
NYC is an incredible place when you're flyin' solo. Take a break from things and get out by yourself sometime.  Even if you think it might feel a bit weird going to a bar by yourself, just try it...


  1. While passing through NYC to visit my twin in Conn. many years ago, I spent a day doing this very thing! I stayed with my cousin in NYC for the night, but she was working (in the towers during the FIRST bombing before 9-11) so I was on my own. One of the best Me-Days EVER! I felt so comfortable & confident, like I've had a past life there that really good or something!

  2. That's awesome!! I love just strolling down the streets by myself. So fun!! I came here by myself when I was 16 for a week (how my parents let me do this, i have NO IDEA), but I had a BLAST!!


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